Dear customer,

You can reach David at 501-881-8621 or

To download Presentation Synchronizer 3.4 go to: setup.exe Save the file setup.exe and then run it to do the installation. If you need an unlock code to use it with Revelation of Hope or if you are a licensed user of a previous full version, send email to the address above or call or send a text to the number above.

Click to setup Plain Vision software

WINDOWS ONLY: Click to update the Rwanda Revelation of Hope PowerPoint and/or Plain Vision sermon files (May 3, 2016). Be sure to install the sermons from your thumb drive first, then run this updater program.

MACINTOSH ONLY: Click to download Plain Vision Software for Mac" This will work with the same flash drive for the Windows Version of the Plain Vision Software. Download and open this zip file on your Mac, unzip it, then open the .dmg file by double clicking. Then drag the Plain file from the window that opens to your desktop. Put the flash drive in your computer, then double click to run the Plain file. It will locate the thumb drive and copy the files from it to your computer. Be sure to put your Mac in to dual display mode through the Displays icon in the System Preferences program.

MACINTOSH, WINDOWS, ETC. POWERPOINT/KEYNOTE ONLY Click here to download a zip file with the updated PowerPoint files. (May 3, 2016) This is just the PowerPoint files that have corrections. Copy the PowerPoint files inside this zip file in to the same location where you have the sermons and videos you copied from the thumb drive and replace the files with the same names.
Thank you.