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Please contact 509-281-0061 for help

Click here for Windows version of This is the latest Windows version of ShareSynch 4.0, latest program from ShareHim for disks received 2014 and later.

Click here for Mac version of This is the latest Macintosh version.

Click to download updated Synchronizer for Revelation of Hope. (Click this link and save it to your computer, then open the file after it has downloaded. Click on setup.exe to begin the installation.

You may retrieve the latest version of the Presentation Synchronizer software by clicking this link (install on this computer). (Version 3.4.0 New version with automatic updates)

Or click this link to download the .zip file to install on a different computer.)

Please note: this version supports automatic updates and unlock codes to unlock full version features.
If you have full version 3.3.33 or earlier, you will need to purchase an unlock code for this version which will put in you line for all future upgrade to version 4.0. You may also continue to use your current full version and install this to get access to latests ShareHim programs using the basic version. Both versions can coexist on your computer.

To order Presentation Synchronizer call 509-281-0061.